Monday, June 11, 2012

Strawberry Season!

So in addition to the quart of berries that came with the CSA last Wednesday, our share also included the opportunity to pick six quarts by hand!  My co-worker with whom we "share the share" and I went out today before lunch and filled up our quarts.  It took longer than it did last year, as the crop was a bit behind (maybe all that rain we had in May?), but they're still pretty yummy.

Justin and I washed, hulled, cut, and macerated about a quart of the ripest ones tonight.  Our end game?  Strawberry shortcake tomorrow night with my parents and the monkeys!  My mother is allergic to strawberries, but she loves strawberry shortcake so much that she eats it anyways and puts up with the puffy lips.  Silly lady.

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