Sunday, June 10, 2012

All of the Things!

We planted all of the things!  Well, most of them.  We realized we were running short on room and that we'd kind of missed the window on planting the radishes & onions (March to May is best here in Zone 6), so we omitted those.  That big tomato plant in the back is a "Husky Cherry Red" and already has around 10 fruits on it (we've had it in a pot for a couple of months).  The smaller guy next to him is an heirloom beefsteak variety (forget which one).  And the littlest guys (two of whom will need cages going forward) are yellow pear tomatoes, my very favorite.

The empty-looking zone at this end of the large bed is planted with bush cucumbers.  There's also a row of marigold seeds around the edges of the raised bed (we heard they were good for keeping various pests away from the veggies).  And of course we have our dill & oregano plants and chive & basil seeds in the tin herb planter.  Huzzah for planting almost all of the things!

Now, on to the decorative plantings.  And the patio.  And the potting shed/writing house (Justin started calling it my "lady cave").  I actually got a bit of a start on that last one tonight.  We moved the lawn mower out of the garden shed and into the back garage and freed up room for my potting table.  Here's the shed  with some of my potting stuff in it already!

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