Monday, November 28, 2011

Fashion! (turn to the left)

So I consider myself squarely in the middle of the fashion scale (assuming there is a scale).  In my mind, one end of that scale is wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts everywhere (instead of just to the farmstand like I did on Sunday.  Kidding!  It was really stripey pajama pants, a college t-shirt, and a slim white fleece zip-up).  The other end is the haute couture level, which (again in my mind) involves really uncomfortable heels and lots of striding around in fancy cities like New York, Paris, and London.

I'm, well, somewhere in the middle.  If I can get away with assembling just a few cute outfits and alternating them all week, I will.  Since I work at three different jobs (on non-consecutive days of the week), I can actually pull this off most weeks.  Outfit #1 for Monday & Tuesday, outfit #2 for Wednesday through Friday, and outfit #3 for the weekend might contain elements of either weekday outfit.  Because it's usually only my husband who sees me every day of the week and he lets me be as scrubby as I want.

On the other hand, I like taking time to assemble those outfits and I usually luuurve the end product, which is the other reason I'll wear one outfit two to three days in a row.  Like my ensemble in the photo above (you knew I'd get there eventually, right?).  It was my Plan C on Thanksgiving (when Plan A and B's zippers wouldn't zip, the bastards), but I ended up loving it.  Green shirt dress (popped collar optional*), black belt, black leggings.  Simple, but able to dress up or down.

For example, I went barefoot with it on Thanksgiving (since I was at my own house all day).  Added a sparkly belt, silver bracelets, and knee-high boots to head out on Saturday night.  Played it more respectable today at work with the plain black leather belt and just a watch.  And if I wear it to Justin's Army holiday party next Saturday, planning to dress it up with said sparkly belt, dangly earrings, and pointy heels.  Love the versatility.

*I am not such a big fan of the super-prepster popped collar, usually seen on polo-shirted frat boys.  However, I think a popped collar on a woman, particularly on a button-down shirt, is much more Katherine Hepburn or Doris Day than douchey-prep.

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