Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Want to Paint It . . . Not Black

We're painting our kitchen and pantry!  It's been a multi-day project, but the actual color went on the walls today.  Last Sunday, I removed the wallpaper.  During the week, Justin scraped, sanded, spackled, etc.  He primed the kitchen on Friday while I spackled, removed the last of the wallpaper paste, and taped the trim in the pantry.  Justin then put the first coat of primer on the pantry on Saturday before our friends came over for dinner.

This morning, I put the second coat of primer on the pantry while he had the no-VOC paint mixed at ACE.  Then, we finally got to put the first coat of Benjamin Moore's "Moonlight" on the walls!  Very satisfying to actually see color on the walls after all that prep.

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