Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Boyfriend?

Forgive me, Mike & Jacoby, but after the way he played this week, I think I'm developing a crush on Brandon Moss. ;)

I'll update this post later with a dream that I once had about Moss. In the meantime, just look at that goofy smile!

UPDATE: OK, so one night last fall, I clearly had the Sox on the brain. I drifted off to sleep & found myself in a dream where I was at Fenway with my parents. They were sitting in a fictional "player's parents" section, so I got to meet a lot of the players as they came by to say hi to their folks. (I think this odd idea hearkens back to my track days. My parents were great team parents & spent lots of time in the bleachers with my teammates' parents.)

At any rate, they got to talking to Moss' parents & the next thing my dream self knew, I was dating Brandon Moss! And you know how you wake up & really believe that your dream was true for a minute there? Yeah, I definitely woke up & was convinced I was dating Moss for a couple of minutes. My apologies to his wife! :)

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East Coast Teacher said...

I'm a recent fan of Sean Casey, myself.

And YAY! that Lowell is back :)