Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle

You guys, I have a new bicycle. OK, it's actually a forty-year old bike, but that's part of the appeal. My mum still has her bike from 1968, an old Phillips. It's spent the better part of the last year sitting in what used to be an animal shed behind my grandfather's NH house. This weekend, with her help & permission, I liberated it & brought it down to Portsmouth.

On Monday night, I walked it to the gas station, filled the tires, bought a bag of chips, and rode back home with the chip bag gripped in my teeth. And I have to tell you - I forgot how f-ing joyous riding a bike down the street can be (note that I didn't say the actual f word; this is a family show!). Remember that feeling? Riding down the street, weaving in big loops back & forth, free and easy? I haven't had that feeling since I was 10.

The plan is to ride to work most days & take the bike for fun rides on other days. Will update more later! :)

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