Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gotta Hand it to the Kids

(Photo courtesy of Boston.com)

As if regaining our first place position in the AL East wasn't enough, Jon Lester pitched a no-hitter last night! I wasn't able to watch the game, unfortunately: I was at a bar with friends in Campus Town & there was just one TV. In the totem pole of sports, a regular season Sox game falls below both the NBA & NHL playoffs, apparently.

They did, however, flip to the end of the game & I looked up to see the score (7-0) and Lester's teammates mobbing him. "Oh, neat!," I said, "he pitched a shut-out." Another friend with a better view of the TV said, "No - a no hitter!!!"

So congratulations, Lester. And can we all just reflect on the wonderful job that our farm kids are doing? Ellsbury's diving catch last night helped keep the Royals hitless. And it's been less than seven months since Buccholz landed his own no-no last September. The future's so bright, we've all gotta wear shades.

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