Thursday, May 15, 2008

Itty Bitty World

Oh, Portsmouth. How I love you so, but how very teeny tiny your world is. ;)

Let me explain. I had dinner plans with two of my bosses tonight, then was going to meet up with a couple of friends for drinks afterwards. The ladies & I wandered down to the Poco's deck for dinner, where we ran into the friends I was meeting for drinks later! (Turns out my friend left me a voicemail saying they'd be there, but I totally missed that part somehow)

As we were sitting there, enjoying nachos, sangria, and beer, I noticed two guys on the deck that I know very vaguely - one of the downstairs bartenders at the Brewery & another history grad student at State U., who I just met last night.

OK, so that's just two people, right? Well, four if you count my friends, who I should have known would be there. Around the time we were getting ready to go, however, I looked over at a different part of the deck & noticed that one of my other bosses & one of the guys I used to date had arrived (separately - they don't know each other). Oy.

Funnily, they were sitting at tables next to each other. They were also right by the door, so we had to say hi on the way out. Awkward conversation ensued. Again, Portsmouth, I love you, but you make it hard to enjoy a drink in anonymity. ;)

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