Friday, May 09, 2008

Almost There

You guys are luckier this time around. I've definitely been bitching about my end-of-spring-semester work less than the end-of-fall-semester stuff. ;)

I'm still stressed, tired, and panicky, but I've got only fifteen pages more to write (by Monday morning) and I will be free as a bird!

Plus, tonight as I was walking to the library, the sunset was breathtaking. The whole western sky was lit up with pink & blue and the undersides of the clouds were a mellow rose. It reminded me that my relaxing, lovely summer is very close.

Then the Boy I Like drove by, saw me, turned around, pulled over, and gave me a ride to the library. So that helped, too. ;)

(Warning: Sunset above is not from this evening in Campus Town. I do not, in fact, go to school in the middle of the ocean. It's just a lovely pic that went well with the post.)

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