Sunday, February 24, 2008

SUCH a good weekend

You guys, I had a really good weekend. :) I spent Friday night through Sunday afternoon on the Cape with a group of my college friends (and two of their girlfriends). With a few exceptions, I hadn't seen all of the members of this group together since May '06. That's just silly, since we all live in New England (VT, Boston, Nantucket, and the Cape).

On Friday, I picked up four of the crew in Southie and we drove down in the snow. When we got to John & Jerry's apartment, we ordered Chinese & got down to the serious business of drinking & catching up. We also shot foam darts at each other, played a game of 3-man, drank far too many Jaeger shots (my idea, John's persistent follow-up), and at least five of us went to bed at 5am.

On Saturday, we started off with a big pot of coffee. Then, some of the boys left to help Erik's dad move some furniture, while two of the girlfriends made us all breakfast calzones. John bought OJ & champagne for mimosas, so we enjoyed some with breakfast. (Side note: since I've known these guys since we were young & irresponsible, it still surprises me when they do adult things like this!). ;)

When the boys got back, we bought more beer & settled in to watch Karate Kid. We made up a drinking game to go with it - you had to drink anytime
Mr. Miyagi acted creepy, Daniel-son was oppressed for being poor, or there was racial/ethnic tension or tight '80s jeans. We drank a lot. ;)

After the movie, we stocked up on dinner food & more beer (we accidentally bought two thirty-racks since two separate groups went to the store @ different times). We then cooked
steak tips & burgers for dinner and watched this ridiculous show that I found on CMT, My Big Redneck Wedding. Oh, the camo & mud wrestling . . .

After dinner, we vetoed going to the bar (too much fun @ home) and decided to watch Spaceballs. That drinking game consisted of drinking whenever there were racial/ethnic slurs, sexual innuendo, rip-offs of other movies, or anytime the characters were aware they were in a movie (like when they talked directly to the camera or schilled "Spaceballs: the T-shirt, breakfast cereal, toilet paper, flamethrower, etc."). After the movie, the two couples went to bed (pansies!) and the remainder of us played some card & dice games & wore goofy hats.

On Sunday, we went out for breakfast at Cloud 9, this little cafe on the tarmac at Chatham Airport. They're not normally all that busy on winter weekends & the nine of us completely overwhelmed them. We ended up there for close to two hours & worked our way through at least three carafes of coffee & a few pyramids of creamers. Good times. :)

As I always do when I hang out with these guys, I had a great time! They're funny, funny kids and the hits just kept on coming. My stomach hurts from laughing & there was more than one occasion where I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. ;) Plus, there was some romantic sparking with one of the guys, someone I had a little crush on in our college days. He lives in VT, but is in Portsmouth sometimes for business. We're planning to have dinner the next time he's down & we'll see where things go.

Sorry for the long post, but it was just such a fun weekend, even though we didn't leave the apartment at all!


Caity said...

Sounds like such a fun time!

Keep us updated on the "romantic sparking." :)

Stacey said...

It was great - but I'm think I'm all "Bud Light-ed" out for the time being. ;)

Will do. Nothing so far from him, but more from others . . . Will post about it tonight.