Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Recap

Haven't done one of these in awhile . . .

Friday: Up at 6:20am (!!!) to drive down to Hometown & help my sister with the boys. This is going to be a regular thing, at least until my sister goes back to work. While the timing is a bit early for this late sleeper, I'm really looking forward to spending all that time with my sister & my nephews.

At night, I came home to Portsmouth & went out with the GSBB and her friend (who, awkwardly, happens to be The Mechanic's older sister). We met up with some Navy guys, one of whom the MOS is dating. One of them was nice (& tall - 6'6"!) and we chatted most of the night. He wanted my number and to see me again, but I didn't feel comfortable with that, especially not in front of the MOS. I did take his number, though, and told him "maybe I'd call, once I know where things stand" with The Mechanic.

Saturday: Did some work during the day - finding articles for class, filling out my FAFSA, etc. Went out to dinner with another grad school friend (let's call her Philly Girl). Afterwards, we went back to my place to get ready for a party. Some of the grad students had rented out the basement of a Campus Town bar. I went into it knowing like 2 people and met a bunch of new people. They all seemed nice & fun. The only awkwardness was seeing The Accountant, since he runs with that crowd. Wasn't too bad, though. Got home at 3:30am, because some of us finished the night at someone's house watching SNL's "Best of Tracy Morgan." Remember "Brian Fellow"? ;)

Sunday: Slept late, then headed up to the library in the afternoon. Read three of the four articles that I needed to, which was great. Was about to head home when I noticed three missed calls from one of my high school best friends, The Artist. I called her back as soon as I walked out of the library - turns out she & her live-in boyfriend were on the way home from Portland & stopped in Portsmouth for a bathroom break. We decided they should stay with me for the night & hang out. We went out for dinner at the Brewery, martinis at the Red Door, and pints at the Press Room.

Whew! Busy weekend. The Pilot wanted me to meet him for a beer tonight, but I was too bushed from all that going out. He called me an old lady & maybe I am. ;)

P.S. This entry was ridiculously nickname-heavy and for that, I apologize. ;)

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