Monday, May 01, 2006

Time to Hit the Road

It's becoming that time again, kiddies. The time of year when I get to spend weekends away visiting friends & family in beautiful locales. What a sad life I lead.

I spent this past weekend in Plymouth and Chatham, partying it up with my favorite boys from college. With a few exceptions, I hadn't seen most of them since graduation - and I had missed them.

In college, we spent countless hours just hanging out, watching Adult Swim, and drinking beers. They are like brothers to me - and they tease me like a sister, too. I never had any real brothers, but between family friends growing up and these boys in college, I had my fair share of "brothers". A.K.A.., boys who punch you in the arm and call you names, but kick anyone's ass if they badmouth you. ;)

It was really nice to be down on the South Shore and the Cape. Jason & Tim live in a big house with a pond just outside the state forest in Plymouth. On Saturday morning, we went out to breakfast (no peanut butter, mushroom & cheddar cheese omelets this time, though). Then we went back to the house to sit in the yard & relax in the sun.

We headed down to John's house in Chatham later in the day. Got a keg, meat for the grill, horseshoes, Beruit table, and firewood. We were in good shape. We met his kitty, Penny, and his dog, Sadie. It was pretty damn cold, but some of us stubbornly sat outside by the fire until about 9:15. The stars were beautiful.

The party got kind of crazy after that. All in all, it was a fun weekend. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

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hetherjw said...

When do you come to see me? Oh and check out this cool thing my computer does: آه »فشذثغ. That would by "Hi Stacey" but tossed down in Arabic... like I can read it or something.