Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

I love this time of year. Spring training is underway, we get to see the ol' familiar faces of our boys down in Ft. Myers, and we know spring is just around the corner. Two bits on my boyfriends today:
  • Mike Lowell's press conference. The highlights, in my mind? Around 2:10-2:22, he talks about how he didn't even expect Boston fans to support him in the way that we did. And around 5:11 (near the end), he says Tito sucks at cribbage. ;)
  • In the recently released March issue of Men's Vogue (real hard-hitting stuff, I know), there's a feature article on our boy Jacoby. I particularly like that the opening line calls Ellsbury "the Baby Jesus in cleats."
Enjoy the news from Florida, people. Just under seven weeks 'til the home opener (see ticker below). And they'll be playing in Japan before you know it!

P.S. I got so excited tonight that I changed my profile picture to one of me @ Fenway in April '06. :)


Susie said...

7 weeks sounds soooooo longgg. Make it come quicker!!!

Stacey said...

I know, I know! Well, the first American game (in Tokyo) is March 25th at 6am. ;) That's only one month away now.