Monday, October 29, 2007

World Champs, baby!

Holy crap, you guys. :) WE DID IT!!! I'll try to write a post that's more thoughtful later, but for now - let's just bask in the moment. For the second time in four years, we won ourselves a world series championship. I talked to my mum a few minutes after the win & we talked about how we never expected this to happen twice in our lifetimes.

So many great moments from all of our boys tonight:
  • Ellsbury & Pedroia combining to put the Sox on the board at the top of the first inning
  • Lester getting the win by pitching six scoreless innings - after coming back from cancer. Cancer, people!
  • Kielty coming in off the bench & smashing a home run to left field on the first pitch he faced
  • Lowell getting MVP & mentioning that he loved playing in Boston (Theo - make it happen!)
  • Timlin moving Wake to tears in a post-game interview by saying how great Wake was to step down & pass the torch to the younger pitchers for the series
I could go on, but it's late & there were so many great moments & images. For tonight, here's to the 2007 World Champion Red Sox. The Nation thanks you. :)


eileen said...

So great!

Sarah said...

woohoo! we've been watching the news anxiously to see the results. Not as much fun as watching the game though!

Miss B said...

Loved every single minute of it!