Friday, October 26, 2007

Red Sox Amazingness & Blogging Sadness

So. The Sox did a great job both Wednesday night and last night - though the scores were very different. On Wed. night, I watched here in Portsmouth at The Page with some friends from my graduate program. Thurs. night - I ended up at my "home bar" in Cambridge with one of my best friends, a close friend from my graduate program, and a bunch of old friends who work at the bar.

Unfortunately, due to car trouble & ridiculous traffic, I missed out on attending Blogtoberfest prior to the game. I was bummed, since I had a great time at last year's event. I was also looking forward to seeing Jenny, Sarah, Eileen, Tom, and Caity and meeting Susie and Jason. Oh well, sounds like they all had a good time & there's always next year. :)

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Jason said...

Hey sorry I missed you there, Stacey - actually I was looking for people I knew (you being one of least through blogworld), and didn't see you there. Now I know why!