Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Trio of Sox Thoughts

1.) Sarah brought up a really important point in the comments of yesterday's post about a possible generation gap between pre-2004/07 Sox fans & post-2004/07 fans. I've been thinking about that topic for awhile now & will write a post about it soon. Thanks for reminding me, Sarah!

2.) After reading this article, I wanted to post about the team's flight home from Denver on Monday. However, Kristen pretty much wrote exactly what I wanted to say, so check her post out! I will post two of my favorite pictures from the flight, of my two Red Sox boyfriends (Ellsbury & Lowell):
Lowell juggling both the MVP trophy & the World Series trophy

Ellsbury asked his teammates to sign his jersey. No, I'm not kidding
you. Is that not the cutest thing you've ever heard in your life?

3.) I wasn't able to make it down to watch the parade this year, unlike '04. I was really disappointed, but there was no way around the obligations I had in NH today. However, I did get to watch the parade with my father & grandmother up at my parents' house. Here are two of my favorite photos (from

This was absolutely my favorite moment, when the flatbed truck stopped @ City Hall Plaza. Paps continued his crazy dancing (in a kilt this time!), Timlin joined in enthusiastically, and Okajima gamely gave it a shot. However, he did have a "What the heck is going on?" look on his face. :)

Despite the love that I have for Lowell & Ellsbury and the immense respect that I have for Varitek, there's no denying that Ortiz is the sweetest, most wonderful man on the planet. :) I just love this photo of him.


eileen said...

Aw, the Ellsbury having people sign his jersey is so cute! I also love how several players took photos and video of the fans at the parade.

And I hope the Sox resign Lowell. Plays like a champ, looks like a soap opera star. What's not to like?

Miss B said...

The whole team is a bunch of cute, adorable boys inside men's bodies. I love each and every one of them and agree with your comments about the parade footage.

And Papi - he's a big teddy bear. Absolutely the greatest.

Scott said...

Damn! You REALLY like the Sox! Can't blame you though. I've been a Sox fan my whole life, and I rooted for them in the series, even though I am only 100 miles north of Denver.