Monday, October 22, 2007

Welcome to Fenway Park . . .

(Photo from
where the '07 Sox rule the roost. It's after midnight now & Fenway is still packed with fans. The players & their families are frolicking on the field & in the clubhouse.

So many great stories in this series. The sports media who thought that only Manny & Papi could produce runs? Let me introduce you to Mssrs. Drew, Pedroia, and Youkilis. Ellsbury kicking some butt in last night's and tonight's games, then Coco making that sick catch when he did come back in the 9th. I could continue, but
I trust you've all been paying attention. ;)

This was a team effort, as usual. Like in '04, our boys squared their shoulders after the loss of three games & said, "Not on our watch." It's on to the World Series & the Rockies should be worried.

Update: Josh Beckett during his post-game press conference said, "I just think we're better than everyone else." I agree, Josh, I agree. :)


Miss B said...

Today is a great day, indeed :)

londongirl said...

Congratulations. Next stop, the world series!!!

Kate said...

Woo frickin hoo! It was an amazing night. I watched from home, and kept getting annoyed at the coverage, yelling "stop the commentary! I want to see the boys dancing and celebrating!" I love this team.