Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good & Bad

Last night, on the way home from tutoring, I was thinking about things I'm good at & things I'm bad at. I don't know why, you guys - I just was. ;) Here is the short list:

Good at:
  1. Talking about history
  2. Taking random photos that turn out pretty good
  3. Picking things up with my toes
  4. Daydreaming
Bad at:
  1. Tying & untying knots
  2. Making small talk
  3. Telling short stories
  4. Doing any kind of math
And here are the two new things I can add after this weekend:

Good at:
  • Bullshitting. Today I both wrote a short paper about & participated in a discussion about a 400-page book that I never read. Well, I read the intro & the conclusion, but not much besides. ;)
Bad at:
  • Talking to boys at bars (see "Making small talk"). I watched the Sox game on Saturday at The Page & despite the fact that I was there on my own for close to four hours, I only talked to one boy. :(

Oh, well. I've always got the "Picking
things up with my toes" bit going for me. :)

UPDATED: Sarah, clever (& lazy) minx that she is, has taken my "good at/bad at" list & made it into a meme! Her addition was to add a tip at the end to help other bloggers be good at those things too. I love it. :) And since Eileen has already taken up the challenge, I feel obligated to add a tip to my original list. Here goes:

"How to Take Random Photos that Turn Out Pretty Good:"
While you're shooting photos of wherever you are, do a slow 360* spin. Look for unusual angles, unexpected things, and interesting slants of light. Then, just shoot & shoot & shoot. If you have a digital camera, it really doesn't matter how many you take. You can sift for gold later. I've gotten some photos I'm really pleased with this way, like this & this & this.

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Sarah said...

You know with our powers combined we make a pretty good meme! ;-P