Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthday Weekend Recap

OK, the long awaited birthday recap. :) My actual birthday was Monday, but we celebrated it mostly on Sunday, since I had class & my mother had to work on Monday. Turned out to be a good thing, since the weather on Sunday was gorgeous & Monday left a little to be desired.

At my request, we spent part of the day at Cardigan Mountain Orchard, enjoying the view & the sunshine. The first pictures are from that, while the final are from my birthday dinner.

The orchard had a tractor, which totally made Thing 1's day

Pretty view from a hill in the orchard

My dad, nephew, brother-in-law & I

Before Thing 1 was born, my bro-in-law started calling me Auntie Stinky (a play on Auntie Stacey). Here's hoping it won't stick, but considering I now get cards addressed to Auntie
Stinky, I'm probably out of luck. ;)

My new tweed tote bag

My cake, which I made myself because I wanted to. :) It's a
pumpkin spice cake with an orange glaze. Go Auntie Stinky!

In this photo, Thing 1 is traumatized b/c Auntie blew out the candles, thereby making the pretty little lights go away. How dare she?!? ;)

So that was my 26th birthday. Man, I'm old. ;)


Susie said...

Happy late birthday! Your pumpkin spice cake looks delicious :)

I made my own birthday cake too because I wanted to!

hetherjw said...

"Auntie Stinky" (wait... I don't get it, that's not your name, I am so confused, how will I ever figure this out?) "(a play on Auntie Stacey)" (oh, thank god, that cleared it right up. order has been returned to the universe and everything makes sense again.)

Also Happy Birthday!