Friday, January 04, 2013

This & That

Another image dump from the week between the holidays.  These photos date from 12/28 to 1/1.

Snuggly pups sharing the couch with us.

Canada geese out & about on a sunny cold day.

A sprinkling of snow on the garden house and some lovely sunlight in the pines.

Too cold to do much  gardening now, but I went out to the garden house to place that photograph - a lovely  image that I've never had a good place for before now.

 The light hammock in the beginning of a good snowfall Saturday night.

And even more snow later in the night (taken quickly while we were shoveling). 

And what else were we doing during the snowstorm?  Painting the bathroom!

It's a bold yellow (with a touch of orange), but I think the green & black tile required something with a bit of brass to it.  It look a bit of getting used to, but I'm really liking it now.

Snowy pines by the reservoir on our dog walk the next day.

A very snowy garden house.

Some very silly girls in pajamas and flannel at my friends' New Year's Eve "flannelpalooza" in Vermont!

Ditto - but with hand weights this time!

Beorn was uncertain about the fireplace at my parents' house at first, but he got used to its warm glow eventually.

More snuggly pups!

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