Monday, January 21, 2013

2013, Week #3

Here's week #3 of project 52: 1/14-1/20.  Sorry about posting practically nothing in the intervening week - it was a busy one and posting just fell by the wayside.  Hope these photos can tell a bit of a story instead!

Snowy view at home after Tuesday night/Wednesday morning's snowstorm.

And a snowy view at work too!

Out for drinks with coworkers here and enjoyed the heck out of my glass of pinot noir and sweet potato gnocchi with roast duck, butternut squash sauce, blue cheese crumbles, and a balsamic reduction.

Morning snow-covered house view and our massive new PEI flag!

Photo of a photo, from a project at work on Thursday.

Cat on a hot tin radiator (babysitting for friends with two young boys so they could have a rare date night).

Puppies literally sleeping on me - how's a girl supposed to get up???

He was under the covers when I left the room. I guess he got hot?

18th century houses do NOT hold heat well. 

Sunday morning pancakes two weeks running!

Potting things.

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