Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loo Improvements

Look, we made something pretty in the bathroom!  Err, that came out wrong.  I mean, we made the bathroom pretty!

Within a month of moving in, I ripped down my grandparents' wallpaper in here, one of the least offensive ones in the house.  Why?  Heaven only knows.  Plus, it had the wonderful side effect of making us live with bare plaster for over two years.  Which was mostly fine to start with, until the mildew crept in.  Sigh.  I never said it was a good idea.  The bathroom is mostly fine (though the tile is not our style), but we discovered a few things we wanted to do when we got around to clearing things out and painting.

Behold!  Paint on the walls & ceiling!  Flat white ceiling pant and semi-gloss paint in "pencil" on the walls (both with a packet of mildew preventative added).  You'll notice we also added a shelf/towel bar (cheapo IKEA brackets spray painted black, a pre-cut piece of poplar from Home Depot, and a branch from one of our dog walks).  Plus we tossed in a tray of oft-used toiletries, a lovelier hand soap bottle, and a jade plant.  We had also changed out the glass bulb cover last year from a kinda funky shaped one (hard to see in the before pic b/c the light is on) to a simple round one.  Even in the craptastic artificial light of an evening, the loo looks so much more cared for now and it's a lot more functional.

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