Monday, January 14, 2013

2013, Week #2

Week #2 of project 52: January 8-13.

Off to his first pre-practicum day at my old middle school!

While I spent my first winter-Tuesday-from-home in my little garden house office!

What - wrapping a sedan chair in plastic to inhibit the spread of powder post beetles isn't part of your normal workday?

Photographing a portrait of one of the first female missionaries in the United States.

My loves on the couch during a West Wing marathon (which is almost every night these days).

Upholstering something for the first time ever - love this yellow indoor/outdoor fabric I ordered for the porch bench.

The boys in the yard.

New bathroom shelf in progress.  J. loved this workbench vignette, so I made him go take a picture while I made blueberry pancakes.

Aforementioned blueberry pancakes (from this recipe).  We didn't have any multigrain flours in the house, so I just used white flour.  Still so good.

Warm afternoon + Justin running out to Home Depot for a bit = 1.5 mile walk with the hounds.  Loved the blue afternoon light over the reservoir.  And the fact that we returned from the walk just after 5pm and it was still light enough to see.

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