Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy Bee

So anybody remember about eight months ago, when I got a wild hair and rearranged our porch?  Well, I did it again this weekend!  

I loved most of the elements of the old/new set-up, but I decided (randomly, at 7 o'clock at night) that I wanted a change.  Some things had evolved over the last few months, anyways.  Some things (the basket of potting supplies, the watering can, the outdoor pillows) had left the porch for other locations; some things, like shoe crates, had been added.  

Yet I still felt that it wasn't quite right.  The rug was too dark, the cushion cover was too red, and the Adirondack chair - awesome though it is - was too crazy colorful to work with everything else.  So below are the before & afters.  Sorry the lighting is so funky - everything was taken at different times of day and different seasons.

The new rug was from the dining room (just swapped the two), the tall stool was from Justin's nana, the Moroccan style table was from our cellar (hence from my grandparents), and the shoe crates were from Michaels months ago.

The big blue seascape has gone out to the garden shed project, the milder seascape came down from the guest room, the bistro set is in the garage for the winter, the sheepskins are placeholders for a new yellow fabric on the bench cushion, the baskets are from Michaels (and not in their final placement), the low stool & big white leafy pillow are from IKEA today, the Adirondack chair has gone outside by the side door, and I really need to take that lonely black shutter down (I have a project planned for it, but not in its original location there).

Oh yeah, and I finished painting the garden house today (barring the necessity of a final coat of white boat paint on the floor).  Huzzah!!!

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