Saturday, March 22, 2008

So Close to Real Baseball

We're so close, you guys! For those of you not keeping countdowns, here are the stats. As of today, we have:
  • 3 days until the first regular season game (Sox vs. A's @ the Tokyo Dome, first pitch @ 6:07am EST)
  • 10 days until the first U.S. game (Sox vs. A's @ McAfee Coliseum, first pitch @ 10:07pm EST)
  • 17 days until the home opener (Sox vs. Tigers @ Fenway, first pitch @ 2:05pm EST)
Plus, one of my fantasy leagues drafted last night & the other will draft tomorrow night, so I'm really tasting spring right now. :)


East Coast Teacher said...

Can't wait for the boys to come home - SO EXCITED for baseball :)

Susie said...

Yayyy. Cannot wait!!! Such a good feeling :)