Sunday, March 30, 2008

(Fairly) Lazy Sunday

Not a bad day today, kids. However, around 2am, when my car refused to start, it was looking pretty bleak. ;) I smartly took this as a sign that I should not be driving & toddled back into the GSBB's house to borrow a contact lens case, a pair of sweatpants, and half of her bed.

In the morning, she, I, and le femme Francais (a grad school friend who studied in Dijon) got up around 10. Luckily, the cursed car started (hurrah!) & I dropped it off @ my house. The girls work at a store in downtown Portsmouth, so we headed thataways. LFF opened up the store, while the GSBB & I got the coffees at BNG. We also ran into The Accountant, which is pretty much always awkward. ;)

After waiting for what seemed like forever for a road race to go by, we nipped back to the store, I took breakfast sandwich orders, and ran down to Dunkin's in lff's car. When I got back, we enjoyed our sandwiches in the sunny window of the store & I had one of those "I live in a place where people vacation!" moments. :)

In the afternoon, I did some packing, i.e. took my artwork off the walls. I know - I suck. Then, I headed next door to see my new apartment & room, took some measurements, and signed the sublet agreement with the soon-to-be-out roommate. The new room is actually larger than I thought it would be & has a skylight! That opens! Hurrah!

Spent the evening watching TV, trying to catch up on emails, and
hoovering an order of chicken kickers & a medium cheese pizza. Tomorrow, I have a shitload of outlining & packing to do, but today was almost worth it. ;)

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