Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thank Goodness for Small Favors

I had a student tonight in a rural town & the drive out was lovely. I ended up 20 minutes early, so I pulled off the road & hopped a stone wall into a grassy orchard. I wandered around a bit, smelling the scent of the tall grass, and enjoying the breeze & the sunlight.

It hit me that if you have to get dumped, May is a good month for it to happen. ;)


Drama Queen said...

Yeah! Last time I got dumped was mid winter. Made some for some miserable mopping. . .

Cathryn said...

You're right - no matter how black the heart, the sunshine is pretty powerful light.

I'm feeling like another phone date might be in order - I'll be around this weekend so when you have a minute give me a ring, eh?

::All my love::

Jenny said...

There is a song that you need to download STAT and then listen to at full blast on repeat. It's called "A Toast to Men" by Willa Ford -- and it's not what you think.

It starts:

"Girls, I'd like to make a toast on behalf of men. Here's to the men we love. Here's to the men who love us. Here's to the men we love who don't love us. FUCK THE MEN, LET'S DRINK TO US."

It's pretty much my favorite "I hate boys" song of all time.

Caity said...

The weather definitely helps.

And Jenny, that's my favorite toast. I used it at the bar on Tuesday, in fact.

Sarah said...

It's so peaceful wandering through fields and orchards. the park in Duddingston we walked by is full of rabbits right now :-)