Saturday, May 19, 2007


To sum up - my last 24 hours were pretty sucky, but one or two things are keeping things (barely) manageable.

Sucky Things:
  • It's been two weeks since Nick & I broke up, so I had a long cry last night.
  • My engine was smoking while I was sitting in traffic last night, so I had to add a quart of oil & another of coolant this morning.
  • Which resulted in my running late for work, which led to my driving too fast on the highway, which resulted in a $250 speeding ticket from a state cop, which of course made me even more late. Sigh.
  • I drove an hour out of my way on the way home to see an apartment & the people (my possible future roommates) weren't home!
  • The Red Sox lost the second game of today's doubleheader against the Braves - by a lot (0-14).
  • My apartment is really cold. I think the landlords are trying to avoid turning the furnace on in May. I understand this, but I am sitting on the couch in socks, fleece pants (Nick's), a long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie sweatshirt, and fingerless gloves. I'm just warm enough.
Saving Graces:
  • Talking with my best friend about the break-up, finally. She's been taking her first year law school finals, so she wasn't able to be there for me as much as we both wanted when it first happened.
  • The air cast I bought yesterday for my sprained foot is more comfortable & wearable than I thought it would be. Yeah, I know this one is a stretch, but an Ace wrap around your ankle for two weeks is no fun, people.
  • My Smuttynose IPA is yummy. So is my Green & Black's organic chocolate bar.
  • The Red Sox won the first game of today's doubleheader, by a lot (13-3). This puts them nine games ahead of the second-place Orioles.
  • Good second day of work today. Learned a lot about the museum & the historic homes that I'll be interpreting.
  • I'm babysitting for my nephew tomorrow afternoon. Hanging with him always cheers me up. :)
Looks like a draw, you guys.

Shudder. A big, nasty silverfish just strolled, bold as brass, across my floor. I smooshed him with my shoe, but I think that puts me at -1 for the day. :(


Caity said...

A friend just gave me a great idea that might help you. Go out and buy a new pair of fantastic underwear that he will never see! Every time you wear it, or even think about it, just think, "HIS LOSS!" :)

Drama Queen said...

Or you should go out and buy some new shoes. Put that score back up to a draw. Then buy a bag.

londongirl said...

I say plan an evening with the girls. Make sure you plan to stay over at a friend's house in case you get wibbly. Get them all to bring a good stock of funny stories.

Then you'll have something to look forward to. Plus one again!

Oh and there's products for silverfish. He's dead already. Don't waste a minus on him (though I'm with you on the traffic cop stuff - argh).

Hooker said...