Monday, May 21, 2007

Old Friends - Canine & Otherwise

Thanks for the continued support, you guys. You've all come up with some great ideas to help me get over Nick! Caity - I love the new underwear one. ;)

My best friend is home this week from NYC, so I hung out with her tonight. Despite the fact that we're both in our mid-twenties, it makes me feel about fifteen again to hang out in her parents' finished basement & watch TV. :)

Plus, I got to see my "doggie niece," Vixen. Look at that cute, smooshy face! She loves, loves, loves her auntie Stacey & nearly bowled me over when I walked in tonight. I also got some cuddles from Best Friend's mother's dog, Maizie.

All in all, a good night with some old friends.


Drama Queen said...

Keep smiling chick.

Caity said...

Awesome - we definitely need our girls right now! Friday will be so much fun if you come... You're more than welcome to stay over and we can all cab it back after several martinis! You may not be totally into being in Southie at the moment (however what are the chances that I'm anywhere near him?).. and of course there's the whole "we've met one time" thing. But honestly? After what we're going through and a few drinks, it'll be like we've been friends-in-real-life for years!