Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Get off the f-ing computer and go outside"

Have I told you guys about Married to the Sea lately? I love them. I particularly love this comic, because it ties in well with my post tonight. ;)

After work tonight, I played kickball with some of my co-workers. Yeah, you heard me right. KICK. BALL. When 5:30 rolled around, we drove our asses to a nearby park with a rubber ball & some bases and played kickball.

Well, all I did was pitch, actually. Remember when I spontaneously fell down & twisted my foot a couple of weeks ago? It hasn't gotten much better & I had to have x-rays taken today. There's a decent chance that one of my metatarsal bones is fractured. Hence - pitching only & no kicking or base running.

The point, of course, is that it was really nice to get outside. The evening was warm & windy, the park was busy with softball & soccer games going on, and I was loving it. On the drive home, with both front windows down & the wind blowing my hair around, I thought "Well, I miss Nick, but summer is coming and summer is good and maybe, with the lovely green trees & the soft breezes & the cute boys out & about, maybe I'll get through this ok."

Of course, looks to be rainy & chilly over the next few days, so maybe not. Just kidding! ;)

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londongirl said...

You will get through this. Honestly. It's horrid and depressing now, but you have great friends, fab family and it'll all work out.