Thursday, May 10, 2007


At the risk of sounding like every other woman in the world who has lost her love . . . this is tough, you guys. This week has involved a lot of crying, talking to friends, family, and patient co-workers, and trying to get used to the idea that it really happened.

Thanks to all of you who have left comments & warm wishes. I'm still a little amazed that complete strangers can be so supportive, but I'm really grateful. :)

There is still one more issue left unresolved between us & I'm hoping to talk to him about it next week. I will let you know how that goes. Fingers crossed!


Kate said...

the crazy (and wonderful) thing about "beautiful and funny and sad and true" is that the phrase is meant to capture the essence of life - it's succinct but i think you'll agree it's painfully accurate. All of the parts of it are in everything. I love you, and trust me, you'll get though this to love and laugh and cry another day.


londongirl said...

Holy cow. Sorry I missed your previous post. You poor, poor thing.

Sending you an internet hug, though I don't suppose it'll help at all.

Keep busy, that's my only suggestion.

Drama Queen said...

I wanted to email you but couldn't see an address?

Stacey said...

Kate - Thank you, sweetie. I love you much.

LG - Thanks for the support & the suggestion. I'm doing my best to keep busy!

DQ - Email is!