Monday, May 22, 2006

Going, Going, Back, Back to Scotland, Scotland

Not just yet. But I can definitively tell you that I will be going back to Edinburgh within the next year or so. I received an email from my mate Iain last week, letting me know the great news that he is engaged to a girl from the Butler study abroad program, Sarah! She will be moving back to Edinburgh (lucky girl!) at the end of the summer and they are planning the wedding for next spring.

I've been thinking of how much fun this wedding will be if a number of us (Scots and honorary Scots) are able to attend. The last time we were all together was two years ago, in June of 2004. So here are some pics from that silly evening, so you can all get a sense of how this event might degenerate. ;) This is me with Iain on that night:

This is Kate with Iain's fiancee, Sarah:

This is some of the drunken silliness that occurred (David & Iain):

More drunken Scottish nonsense (Stevie & David):

If Kate, Monica and I all attend the wedding, this, too, could happen:

Maybe, if everyone is really lucky, I will break out this "I'm a silly drunk in Edinburgh" face:

That's just the merest taste of some of the nonsense that could occur if everyone attends this wedding. No matter what happens, it will be men in kilts, and whiskey toasts, and time spent in my beloved ancient town. I can't wait. :)


kate said...

well i have every intention of going, and i think monica does too, so i think the possibility of that wedding going hugely bonkers is very very large. if nothing else, the butler girls are good for drunken revelry...

s a r a h said...

can't wait to see everyone together again in our old stomping grounds! i just pretended to be a butler girl...i was actually on a different program...with not as many cool girls.