Monday, August 05, 2013

2013, Week #29

Back from vacation on PEI and had a wonderful time (as usual)!  Here are the photos from July 15-21, the week before we left and the first two days on the Island:

Sadie hanging on the patio like a good, not-running-away pup.

My little boy, all curled up last night.

The view up from the patio.

So much top tier progress this week before we left! Go Justin!

Summer study #1.

Summer study #2.

Future tattoo (with degree & minute marks added).  It's the coordinates of a meaningful place on PEI.

15 days worth of clothes. Summer packing is so much easier than winter packing.

The house plants at patio summer camp!

Healthy snack for the road!

So happy to be here!

Reading time this afternoon.

Rough life, huh, puppies?

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