Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013, Week #28

Photos from July 8-14. We leave for PEI on Friday night, so expect a lull in photo posting starting next week. However, I'll be up there gathering material to post when I return. Have a good couple of weeks!

Monster cherry tomato plant. We think those top bits are pushing 6 feet. 

Lovely lilies.

Me with a calf on PEI 25+ years ago. (#muchmuchlatergram)

Me, my sis, and my gram on PEI many years ago. Might be my favorite photo in the universe.



So Cape Cod.

Also very Cape Cod (Corn Hill in Truro).

Cocktails & oysters in Wellfleet on a weekday evening. Hooray for one-day vacations!

Afternoon in the dining room of one of my houses.

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