Monday, August 05, 2013

2013, Week #31

Last week of vacation.  Rainy to start, but it cleared up mid-week and we did a ton of stuff!  Here is July 29-August 4:

Rainy these last few days, but lots of time for snuggling & reading!

Poor Justin's sick but was game for a little beach time regardless.

Monkeys at the shore after supper with Auntie, Uncle, and the puppies.

Just nothing else like it.

Crazy dramatic clouds!

Just having a feed of mussels at the park's family fun day, nbd.

Happy lady in the trees.

Auntie and her boys on vacay.

I think the sun's gone to our heads.

The view from our bed.

Cutie boy @ the beach.

Little nugget asked for his picture to be taken.

Yet another sunset, booooring.

Biking on PEI means little ponds in the woods . . .

And lanes lined with birch & pine . . .

And wonderful old farmhouses next to horse chestnut trees.

Guernsey Cove is too lovely.

We went to an amusement park and enjoyed the rides as much, if not more, than our nephews.

The view out the window at Malpeque Oyster Barn.

Heaven at Malpeque Oyster Barn.

Devouring his first mussels ever.

At their great-great-great uncles' and great-great-great grandparents' graves.

Thing 2 exploring at his great-great grandparents' cottage lot.

Unreal sunset on our last night - PEI must have known it was our last for a year.

Bye for another year, lighthouse!

Sadie taking her last looks and smells of PEI and a Beorn photo bomb.

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