Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013, Week #34

Images from the week of August 19-25.

Crazy busy day but this is my lunch view, so that's nice.

Pretty Hartwell Tavern (in Minuteman National Historical Park).

Cool moon(s) over the reservoir.  When we got home, we looked it up and realized it was a blue moon.

Haven't done a hammock shot in awhile.

Using the new grill (with chimney starter) on the new patio - Justin's life is complete. 

Anyone needs a cholera cure?

Desk on the second floor on one of my houses - isn't a lovely spot?

Ship drawing found on the back of an 1843 sermon. Was someone not paying attention in church?

Somebody's a wicked cute puppy with his head on a sheepskin.

Wilderness camping this weekend for a friend's wedding - packing all the essentials.

The view is actually worth the choppy canoe ride.


#nofilter on this one (sunset from the beach of our campsite)

Another #nofilter one, if you can believe it.

Elemental (see what I did there?)

Good morning from Students Island #9!

Water taxis to the ceremony site.

The arrival of the bride by seaplane to the ceremony site = coolest thing ever.

Mmmm, dinner.

Patio patterns.

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