Monday, February 18, 2013

2013, Week #7

Photos from the week of February 11-17:

Two cute, snuggly pups.

Having breakfast in the bedroom on Tuesday because said pups barked too much at the plastering guys and couldn't be left alone upstairs.  Sigh.  Gotta love neurotic rescue dogs.

A brief attempt by Justin on Wednesday to keep them away from the workers by sequestering them in the garden house while he worked at my desk.  Everyone got too cold and came in eventually.

Speaking of neurotic rescue dogs, these two sleep very differently from each other.  We all slept in the guest room Wednesday night because the workers had to be in our bedroom at 7:30am - not fun.

Enjoying my lovely Valentine's Day prezzies from my husband Thursday night in a clean, newly plastered house - all to ourselves again!

Passing by the site on the way to Philadelphia on Friday.

Historic beer - just in time for GW's bday, too.

Our lovely Philly hosts, friends Adam & Molly.

Amazing beer selection at a shop we stopped in for lunch.

A side street near Rittenhouse Square.

A visit to the Rosenbach Museum . . . 

which had this amazing gallery wall.  I'll get to mine eventually . . . 

Day drinking at an Irish pub.

LOVE this window seat at Adam & Molly's apartment in West Philly.

Adam volunteers for the amazing Woodlands near their apartment.  We got a private tour on Sunday - this is the exterior of the house on the grounds (built in stages between 1774 and 1840).

Inside the drawing room at the Woodlands.  Gorgeous light!

A liter of weiss bier at Frankford Hall (this was a friend's - mine was the lovely dark porter below).

Pretzel the size of my head, and my own liter of beer.

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