Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013, Week #6

Photos from the week of February 4-10!

How'm I supposed to get up & make dinner with this cuteness napping on me?!?

Could not be more thrilled that he & his brother are into all this now.

I love visiting my mother-in-law's!

Still think it's crazy cool that there are faux trees in some Hannaford stores.

Just the beginning.

Snow day teatime!

Snowy out here.

It's like the freaking tundra out there!

Puppies in the snow!

Shoveling snow is hard, but can be fun!


Barn across the street through the trees. 

Faux Valentine's dinner - coq au vin inspired by Julia Child.

Terrible photo, but wanted to show what we did on Saturday night - watched West Wing with lanterns lit in the fireplace.

Sunday morning pancakes, a la faux Valentine's Day.

Monkey birthday celebrations on the night before Will's birthday!

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