Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tiny Guest House

As I mentioned last week in this post, I have some future plans for the garden house after it's had a few years of being an office/potting house.  At some point, Justin and I are going to start a family.  We only have two bedrooms in the house, which is gives us room for one child alone or two sharing.  Either way, though, having kids will take our current guest room out of the equation.  We don't get a ton of visiting guests, but my parents have graciously offered to provide in-house daycare for a couple of days a week when the kids are little (IF we have kids before they retire & want to travel).  But my parents live up at the lake, so they'll need a place to sleep.

We've been looking for a new sofa bed for awhile and that would be the easiest solution in some ways.  But in some ways, the much awesomer solution would be to turn the garden house into a guest house!  Above are some of my inspiration images and thoughts for the final product.  My thought was that one night a week Justin and I would sleep out there and my folks could take over our room.  I think I'm the most on board with this idea so far - J and my folks might need a little more convincing.  Oh well, since I'm far from pregnant, we've got time to mull it all over.

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