Friday, October 19, 2012

Lady Cave Plans

So it occurred to me the other night that I've mentioned my big garden house conversion a few times recently, but never shared my full plan.  The idea is a 3-season office and potting house.  Here's a quick mood board I put together the other night and some explanations (starting top left and going clockwise):
  • I really wanted a rattan chair for this space, inspired in part by the one in George Bernard Shaw's writing hut (photo below).  This one is really affordable ($95 with cushion) at IKEA.  It will go in the far left corner, just like it is in the mood board. 
  • This little white table is a stand-in for one that we already have, but don't have a photo of.  Ours is around this height and width, with a small bottom shelf and a small drawer.  It's also white, with green vine and blue flower detailing.  It was my grandmother's and it's really sweet.  Perfect size for a book & a cup of coffee!
  • I love this shelf/hook/pegboard set-up for gardening tools.  My grandfather had put nails all around the framing 2x4s and I'm going to probably do the same so I can hang my & my grandmother's trowels & hand rakes & bulb planters.  There's also a large hook about 7 feet up that should let me hang my tomato cages up out of the way.
  • I really like this potting bench from World Market.  I might buy it or just use our old wooden kitchen island from our Portsmouth apartment.  With a bottom shelf like the potting bench and lots of hooks around, it should have plenty of storage.
  • I LOVE this green & white checkerboard floor.  I'm hoping to get the whole garden house primed & painted white before winter, but the checks on the floor will be one of my first spring projects.
  • As mentioned before, George Bernard Shaw's writing hut.  His was much cooler than mine (it was on a platform and could be rotated to catch the sun!  It was also nicknamed "London" so Shaw's staff could legitimately say he was in London if some objectionable caller appeared!), but I can still take inspiration from the desk & the chair & the white walls.
  • And finally the centerpiece of any office - the desk.  This one is actually our old kitchen table, a pine IKEA one that costs about $70.  Since we bought a lovely dining room table, moved the fridge & the kitchen island into the kitchen and made the old "fridge room" into a pantry, we've had little use for it in the house.  It's been down in the cellar for almost a year now and I wanted to repurpose it for something.
So that's the plan for now.  I'll try to post sometime in the next week what I hope to transform the garden house into in another five years or so!

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