Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday Series

My Saturday in seven images!

 Morning snuggle buddies under the duvet . . . 

. . .  in part because the top number was the temperature IN my bedroom!  That's what happens in an almost-eighty year old house that doesn't have storm windows in or heat on yet. 

 A trick to get the last of the honey out of the jar and onto my oatmeal.  It only partly worked.

Did some yard work (planting mums, pulling the remaining veggie plants & putting them in the compost bin, putting pumpkins on the front steps and by the side door, putting away the chaise lounge) and started to take down the hammocks.  But the sun was warm and it was just too nice to do it yet! 

The view to my right from one of the hammocks.  Ah, fall in New England!

Sat down on the porch to read my November Country Living magazine and was surprised to see two of my favorite bloggers in an article! 

Puppy porch party!

Now, this all looks pretty calm and peaceful.  Lest you think that's how the whole day went, here are the contents of a text I sent Justin around 1pm:
Okay, since last night, Beorn has peed on the ottoman, shat on the living room rug three times, and punched me in the mouth.  Kobe escaped by himself down the driveway.  Sadie has been a perfect angel.  Q.E.D, girls are better than boys.  Also, in related news, when the f are you coming home???

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