Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ch-ch-changes . . .

Nothing major, but my last blog redesign was almost two years ago and I thought things needed some freshening up.  So I've tweaked a few things - picked text boxes with rounder edges, changed the overall font from Trebuchet to Calibri, changed the title font to Homemade Apple, and removed the wedding photo in the header.  I'm going to select a new image to go behind the title up there, but haven't picked the right one yet.  What do you think of the updates?

Also - I'm in love with today's photo, shot quickly as I was leaving the side door of the museum to go get lunch.  There are a ton of lily-of-the-valley plants in a garden bed by the door and I leaned down to get a quick snapshot.  I love how the camera caught the water droplets on the leaves.  I applied a "lo-fi" filter on Instagram and this hotness is the result!  Just five more months to go in the project . . . I'm going to miss taking a daily photo, I think.  Maybe I'll try it again another year, too.

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