Saturday, May 12, 2012

Too Tired for a Title

Bit of a busy day for us today - started with Justin up early to tutor a student, then we were off to Portsmouth to take care of a couple of work things for me.  Back to our town to pick up some groceries & gifts for Mother's Day, then home.  

A bit of a snack, then I was off to walk the pup while Justin mowed the lawn.  When he was done, we shoveled all the old dirt out of our yard planters and found a snake underneath one, which was pretty exciting.  Then, we de-sodded a 4' x 8' space for our new raised bed and dug four holes for the posts.  We laid down weed blocking fabric, then plopped the bed into place.

And now we're enjoying a break - a cosmo, a dark and stormy, and some Black Adder.

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