Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Perils are Too Perilous

So I went for a run when I got home from work.  Then after a short walk with the dog to cool down, I plopped down in the hammock for some R&R.  I took this shot and posted it to Instagram/Facebook with the caption, "Nothing like a swing in the hammock after an evening run."  And it was true . . . up to a point.

About ten minutes later, a black ant leaped/fell down from the pine tree the hammock is tied to and down the back of my shirt.  I was mid-sip from my water bottle at the time.  I jumped up and spilled a large amount of water down the front of my shirt and all over the hammock.  Sigh.  After drying myself off, I lay down again for take two.

About twenty minutes after that, Justin called on his way home from class.  While we were talking, a piece of a pine branch (nothing sharp, just green needles) fell out of the tree and onto my head.  I shook it off and kept talking.  Then, I felt something on my right knee and brushed what I thought was a bug away.  Turns out it was a little bit of bird poo, almost like a little bird had pooed far above me and it made its gentle way down to my knee.  Double sigh.

So, after I hung up with Justin, I pulled the sides of the hammock up over me to protect me and escaped the perils of nature with a short nap.

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