Friday, April 06, 2012

It's the Little Things

More little changes/improvements around the house.  The pantry window area has had some updates recently and I thought I'd show it off with a before & after shot.  I haven't done B&As with most of the work we've done, because I think it would be a little disrespectful to my grandparents.  I didn't love everything they picked out for the house, but they did it with love for this house that they lived in for 40+ years and I certainly didn't consider it a horrible "before."

Anyways, here is the pantry window back in October.  Cornice above the window, random star lights across the window (these were all my doing), torn pull-down shade, a small print to the left, a calendar to the right, a chair for my purse, and the old wallpaper (white with tiny pink tulips).

Now, here's the after, taken this afternoon.  No more cornice or star lights, pleated shade, two cork boards to the left to mirror the calendar to the right, a gorgeous bench with sheepskin underneath, and our lovely yellow paint on the walls.
Most of this stuff took place gradually, over the course of a few months. We painted the kitchen & pantry back in November, I left the cornice and star lights off after we had to remove them for painting, I put up the cork boards a couple of weeks ago, and the bench just went there today. It matches our dining room table and we use it when we have more than 4 people at dinner. That happens maybe once a month, though, and it was crowding up our tiny dining room in the meantime. So this will be its home most of the time! More small changes, but I love them.

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