Thursday, April 05, 2012


Here's the new metal bistro set - in its full, daylit glory (as opposed to last night's lantern-lit shot)!  This photo was taken this morning at 8:30, just before I hopped in the car & headed to work.  As you can see from the above photo, this little corner of our yard gets a lovely flood of morning sun this time of year.

Here's a different angle and a wider shot of the whole area, including the hammock & our cars in the driveway beyond.  We're actually hoping to cultivate some blueberry bushes here, along with decorative shrubs like lilacs & hydrangeas and some partial-shade plants like hostas, ferns, lily-of-the-valley, etc.

The idea is to plant the shrubbery (heehee) around the border between the trees to create some privacy, as this spot is right next to both the street & our neighbor's driveway.  Then, we'll till and prepare a 3-4 foot wide bed inside the shrubs for the smaller stuff.  Then, we'll spritz on some bug spray, light a lantern or two, and enjoy some dinners out here.

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