Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh gods of blogging . . .

why do you hate me so? Well, the gods of blogging (if there be such things) are fine to me - it's the ones who are in charge of blog get-togethers like Blogtoberfest who seem to have a vendetta going. At this point, I'm 1 for 4 on Blogtoberfests. :(

I made it to the first one, traffic & Red Sox kept me from the second one, I was detained in NH for the third one, and last night, I got home from work late and felt really, really, really crappy. Too little sleep this week? Too many nights working late? I don't know. I just know that I sat down on my couch for a second to rest before getting ready and the thought of getting changed, driving into the city, finding parking, etc. when I felt so yucky had me in tears. I feel terrible I missed it, especially since there was a waiting list, but I just had nothing left.

I hope those who made it had a great time (seemed like she did and they did) and that Jenny will host another one next year so I can finally make a successful sophomore appearance!

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