Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Duckie vs. Blaine

We saw Pretty in Pink last night. And I realized something.

I think the first five times I saw that movie, I did what I think John Hughes wants you to do - root for Blaine and Andie, i.e. for the "love conquers all" motif. However, before the movie started, I told Justin that a lot of women I know think that Andie should have chosen Duckie instead.

Then, we watched and that's all I could think! Blaine is a meek, spineless wet blanket of a rich kid and the Duck Man is awesome. He dances and sings to Otis Redding in the record store! He makes Cindi Lauper's thighs go up in flames with his kiss! He tackles the rich asshat for calling Andie "nada"! He wears a blue crushed velvet tux to the prom! Come on!

Sorry - got a little impassioned there. But seriously, that movie makes no sense to me now. ;)


Sarah said...

HA I know so many women root for Ducky but I love me some Blaine. Andrew McCarthy > Jon Cryer any day. Maybe if it had been cast differently (and if I were not so shallow?) :-)

Stacey said...

Haha, I can see the actor preference. But character-wise, Ducky is definitely more interesting and devoted (albeit in a stalker-esque way). ;)

Justin said...

Piece o' trivia I found out the other day. The film was supposed to end with the Duck getting the girl. It did end that way. They finished the movie with that ending. And then 80's test audiences decided they preferred 'Crazy Eyes' Blaine. So they went back and hastily tacked on that bullsh*t two minute scene at the end.

Ally Shaw said...

I have always loved Duckie the best! I never understood why she went for the other guy.