Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanksgiving is in just a couple of days and I think I've been planning what I'm making for a couple of weeks now! My sister is hosting us all in Hometown, but my mother and I are both bringing a number of items. Justin and I don't have a big enough place yet to host family at the holidays, so I always try to bring as much as I can to make up for it. Here's what I'm bringing this year:
  • Celery Sticks stuffed with Chive Cream Cheese (other stuffed celery recipes here)
We're also splitting the day with Justin's family, so we'll be bringing Bread Pudding to his mom's house in the late afternoon. Tomorrow morning, I'm working a bit (until about 10am), then we're baking - baking - baking!

I'm using recipes from Martha Stewart for the two desserts and we'll see how they turn out. The celery and pecan appetizers, however, are family traditions (though I've listed recipes from the web). They were actually my grandmothers' signature appetizer dishes, so I'm a little nervous about messing them up. Hopefully, they'll turn out "just like Grandma used to make" and we can have a little reminder of our dear departed grandmothers on the holiday.

Whether you're traveling or hosting, wherever you go, have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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