Friday, November 20, 2009

The Scots are Coming! The Scots are Coming!

Two lads anyone would want at their wedding, right?

As regular readers and good friends know, I spent the fall semester of 2003 studying in Edinburgh, Scotland. On our first night out to the pubs, my new study abroad friends and I met the gangly gent on the right (David) and became fast friends with him in our time there. Months later, I went back to visit a friend who had spent the full academic year there and met the blondie on the left (Stevie), who was an old friend of David's. And thus two going-on-six-year-long friendships were born.

As some of you also know, I've been back to Scotland a few times since and seen these guys (and some other Scottish buds, who will be mentioned later) almost every time. They've come over to the U.S. and stayed with me when I lived in Boston. Thanks to the wonders of the Interwebs, we've also stayed in regular touch via email and Facebook.

So when Justin and I were creating our wedding guest list, it was a no brainer for me to invite my Scottish lads. I wasn't at all sure they would be able to make it due to the long distance and expense involved, but I was really hoping they could. This week, I got pretty solid confirmation from them that they plan to be in attendance. As my silly soon-to-be husband is wont to say, "that squees me full of glee." And yes - in answer to your unasked question, those are the kilts they will be sporting in style!

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Justin said...

"that squees me full of glee."

... that... that just makes me sound silly.

Emphemerella said...

think we could do a one-song celidh? maybe the night before? kilts make me want to dance like a wildwoman.

Stacey said...

Love me some kilts! Well, the current plan is for the groom and the male members of his party (we have one groomswoman) to rent kilts for the rehearsal dinner and pub crawl the night before the wedding. You and Carrie must join! :) And we must get David and Stevie (and Iain if he makes it) to sport theirs, as well!